Katie's Lovely Face


Katie von Campe

A recent graduate of Amherst College, Katie is prone to doodling, daydreaming, and designing fictional worlds. She majored in European Studies and Psychology because Worldbuilding 101 and Character Development weren’t offered. When she’s not writing her fantasy novels, she’s into aesthetics, abstract ideas, ambling about in nature, and acquiring more books to stack up in her already-cluttered room. She fell in love with Digital Humanities this summer and is already plotting ways to use its powers for diabolical purposes.



Woman standing next to building with mountains behind


Emma Hartman

Emma is a recent graduate of Amherst, where she studied Chemistry and Art & the History of Art. She loves all things related to book history, arts, and preservation, and, more recently, has become interested in the intersection of material and digital histories and their preservation. After the internship, she’s headed to New Delhi to study manuscript conservation, with the long term goal of pursuing a career in book and/or paper conservation. When she’s not haunting the basements of libraries and archives, she knits, draws, and drinks way too much coffee.



Tapfuma, Takudzwa_027


Takudzwa Tapfuma

Takudzwa graduated as an Architectural Studies major at Amherst College in 2017. His interests lie in the visual arts of photography, art, and architecture, and more broadly on the sociological implications of sustainable design. If not singing, practicing guitar, or playing soccer, there is a fair chance that he is updating his portfolio in the design room in Seelye Mudd, even at 5 am on a Sunday morning! Takudzwa aspires to be an architect and is in the process of applying to masters programs in architecture and city/regional planning.




Amanda Tobin

A member of the Class of 2017, Amanda majored in the Practice of Art here at Amherst College (though her deep interests in subjects such as English, theology, and architecture left her wishing that a quadruple-major had been attainable). When she is not exploring forgotten corridors of 19th Century buildings, drooling over photographs and firsthand accounts of early Amherst, or singing all parts of Hamilton singlevoicedly, Amanda finds joy in creating art, writing poetry, adventuring through the breathtaking New England landscape, and petting dogs.